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When the time comes to say goodbye, we want our devoted pets to be cared for with respect, love and compassion. Most families feel the loss of a pet in the very same way they would feel the loss of a human family member, and sometimes more. Why? Because your pet’s love was unconditional and they are an important part of your family.

Rainbow Bridge Pet Cremations is a family owned business  with over 9 years experience.
Our mission is to assist families with the cremation of their pets in a dignified and loving manner.
We are here to help with your needs as the grieving pet owner and understand from personal experience the heartbreak, profound sadness and sense of loss when our pets die.


“Our Promise To You”

We understand that the loss of a pet can be devastating. So as pet owners, we want to make this promise to you and your family. Rainbow Bridge Pet Cremations will care for your pet as if they were a member of our own family. They will be cared for in a loving manner from the time we arrive to pick up your pet until our services are complete. Our staff will gently wrap your pet in their favorite blanket, always caring for them in a delicate manner. You can be assured that your beloved pet will never be placed in a plastic bag, treated with disrespect, or cremated with other pets. Your pet is special in our eyes and will receive the same treatment that we would expect for our pet during this painful time.


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